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About Us

Guangzhou Huaxue Intellectual Property (IP) Agency Co., Ltd is a patent and trademark agency authorized by State Intellectual Property Office and State Administration of Industry & Commerce of P.R.C. It is a director unit of Guangdong Patent Agents Association and Guangdong IP Rights Protection Association, with empowerment to serve domestic and foreign clients alike. Our company grows out of IP Law Firm of South China University of Technology (SCUT) founded in March, 1985, which is one of the first authorized patent agencies in China.  It is recognized as the Advanced Intellectual Property Agency in Guangdong. So far, our company is the only registered IP agency in university (SCUT) in Guangdong. We have branches in Zhongshan, Dongguan, Foshan , Huizhou, Jiangmen, guangzhou Luogang district ,Zengcheng County and Panyu district. In recent years, our company transacts more than 50% of the inventions and becomes the most highly ranked IP agency in Guangdong province. On this account, it is regarded as the only Pilot Enterprise in Guangdong province.

Our working staff consists of experienced and professional lawyers, patent and trademark agents from well-known universities like SCUT, Sun Yat-Sen University, and South China Agricultural University. Backing on those universities and research academics, we can deal with businesses concerning law, electronics, biochemistry, ergonomics, and mechanics. We have been engaging in IP law service for years, some of whom used to be director of All-China Patent Agents Association; some were standing director or member of Academic Committee of China University Intellectual Property Society; some were director, executive director, or secretary general of Intellectual Property of Guangdong Universities; some were executive director of Guangdong and Guangzhou Intellectual Property society or Guangzhou Association of Invention and some were member of Guangzhou Patent Advisory Committee. We are well equipped with rich theoretical knowledge and practical experience in IP laws and regulations.

      Adhere to the principle of "Excellent Quality and High Efficiency", Guangzhou Huaxue Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd carries out the tradition of IP Law Firm of SCUT. Apart from offering good services for some major clients like SCUT, it takes full advantage of the support from institutions of higher education and research institutions in Guangdong to develop its specialty in patent application. We make zealous efforts to give services to the general public, especially the high-tech enterprises. We offer comprehensive services which refer to patent, trademark, copyright, design of integrated circuit drawings, unfair competition, licensed trading and Custom Recordation of IP Rights, etc.