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Practice Areas

Scope of Service
I.  Intellectual Property Protection
    Filling patent application (including design of integrated circuit drawings); requesting for re-examination, invalidation and recordation of changes; managing annuities and patent literature searches; declaring science & technology project.
    Filling trademark applications, oppositions; requesting for re-examination, renewal, recordation of changes and trademark searches; identifying well-known marks and famous marks.
  Filling request for copyright registration (including works and computer software).
II.  Litigation Practice
    Infringement litigation relates to disputes concerning patents, trademarks, and acts of unfair competition; administrative litigation and administrative mediation; exhibition protection. 
III.  Customs Protection 
Customs Protection and recordation for patents, trademarks and copyrights.  
IV.  License Trading
     Assignment, licensing, enforcement and exploitation for patent or non-patent technique or trademark
V. Law Consultancy
     We shall also offer law consultancy services exclusively on intellectual property for enterprises or government offices.
VI. Intellectual Property Training Service 
     We even have programs for training experts in intellectual property for everyone who is interested in this area.