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Patent Application
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I. Preparations before applying

    Retrieving:making information retrieval of scientific and technical literature concerning relevant techniques, so as to have a general idea over the public situation of similar techniques, then determine the patentability of the application.
    Confidentiality: not to attend technical conferences, appraising meetings, exhibitions, or expos before applying; not to publish relevant academic papers, or advertisements or distribute concerned products in publications; not to negotiate with others on technology transfer or cooperation, so as to avoid letting out technical contents, which would result in loss of novelty.
II. Technical information to be provided
    Technical information to be provided for applying for patent of invention or patent of utility model includes:
    ①The title of the invention, and the technical fields it belongs to;
    ②An objective comment on the relevant prior arts and its defects;
    ③The objective of the invention or creation and problems to be solved;
    ④A description, together with its general design and detailed techniques, in a manner sufficiently clear and complete for the invention to be carried out by a person skilled in the art.
--If the theme for the design is the structure of a product, the components of the product structure and their relations thereof should be clearly depicted, and sketch of the structure should also be offered;
    --If the theme for the design is a prescription, all components, as well as the scope of the content and functions thereof, should be depicted;
    --If the theme for the design is a kind of craft, the whole technological flow and the technical conditions at each stage should be depicted step by step.
    ⑤The advantages and good effects of the invention, compared with the prior arts;
    ⑥Concrete examples and explanation of specific ways on carrying out the invention;
    To apply for a design patent, straight sample could be offered, or the orthographic-projection six-faces view and picture (or photo) of serving state are also acceptable.
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